Safety is nothing to take for granted, but too many organizations don’t pay enough attention to it because of myths and misunderstandings. The OSHA Education Center website highlights some all-too-common misconceptions about workplace safety:

  • Safety training is too expensive. Yes, it may require some upfront costs, but the cost of an injury to an employee can be even worse, not to mention the potential downtime if your organization has to shut down to investigate an accident and fix things.
  • Accidents will happen no matter what. Accidents may indeed happen unexpectedly, but that’s no reason not to take precautions. A proactive approach to safety will make employees feel empowered to head off potential accidents before they happen.
  • Employees already know how to protect themselves. Don’t take anything for granted when it comes to workplace safety. Training is essential even for experienced employees. Everyone needs a refresher now and then, and changes in tools and technology call for new training so employees are fully equipped to take care of themselves effectively.

  • Offices don’t have to worry about safety. You may not work in a manufacturing plant or warehouse, but the traditional office environment has lots of room for accidents. Trips/falls, falling objects, electrical cords, and health issues associated with sitting at a desk all day are all problems to confront in an office setting. Healthy employees mean fewer sick days and insurance claims.

It is important to take these myths into consideration regardless of the environment you work in. The health and safety of our employees are what keep an organization going and should be a top priority for employers.