In the vibrant world of art, there are creators who not only paint on canvas but also weave stories, emotions, and perspectives into their masterpieces. In the heart of our recent Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) Student Art Contest, Elysia Escobedo emerged as the undeniable talent that captured not just our attention but the very essence of our collaboration with IAIA.

Meet Elysia Escobedo

Originally from Santa Clara Pueblo in northern New Mexico, Elysia has been painting since childhood, inheriting the desire to create art from her father. For her, painting is more than a skill; it’s a personal, quiet form of communication and a meditative escape. A collaborator at heart, she finds inspiration in the collective energy of IAIA’s campus.

The Winning Artwork

Elysia’s winning piece, presented at our office, is a vivid reflection of IAIA’s spirit. “Anytime I feel burnt out,” she shared, “I go to the dance circle, take in the view and the energy. With all the creators on campus, there’s a big collection of consciousness. I wanted to capture that in this big being. By placing the hand here, ‘You Can Start Here’ is what we are here for. I wanted to capture the essence of endless opportunity because that is what IAIA offers.”

Our Commitment

Dyron Murphy, the driving force behind our firm, underscores our commitment to community engagement. “We look at ways of giving back to our clients and community, partnering with institutions like IAIA. We’ve been fortunate to work on many facilities around their campus,” Dyron states.

This competition, integrating DMA’s branding into the theme, reflects our dedication to community collaboration and support for emerging artists like Elysia.

A Celebration of Creativity

Elysia’s journey isn’t just about winning; it’s about capturing community spirit, the essence of opportunity, and the beauty of collaboration. As we move forward, we draw inspiration not just from her artistry but from our mission to give back and uplift the communities we are privileged to be a part of. The winning artwork has proudly found its place in our office, a daily reminder of the vibrant stories and talents that surround us. Cheers to Elysia, IAIA, and the boundless possibilities that art and collaboration unfold.

Photo Credit: Jason Ordaz, IAIA Communications Director | Matto Photography