James P. Houser, AIA

“As architects and designers, we are asked to create environments for our clients. From the very beginning of the process, every facet of our work from site development to interior design must come together to complete the environment that we envisioned in our mind’s eye. The challenge for us as designers is to successfully bring others into the vision so that they eventually come to share it. So many things can conspire in this modern world to destroy those beautiful visions we create. I feel that my most important contribution to our clients is my desire and willingness to fight to hold onto this vision and create places that touch something deep within us.”

Jim brings more than 30 years of professional expertise to the firm, and offers extensive experience in architectural design and construction administration for Federal and Tribal agencies throughout the country. Jim specializes in the design of medical facilities of various sizes and program types for Native clients, and has worked with Indian Health Services on projects since 1984. His extensive experience in understanding the nuances of Native healthcare systems is essential in guiding the development of design concepts. Jim has also led several housing and education projects as a Principal at DMA.