Client: All Veterans Auxiliary

Location: Chinle, AZ

Siz : 46,000 SF

The Chinle Warriors Home design reflects Native American culture as well as the five U.S. military branches. Vegetated roofs are reminiscent of old Hogan mud roofs that would at times grow grasses and vegetation on them. The central Hogan represents the traditional Navajo Hogan in shape and function. It was designed as the “heart” of the building, a space with a fire place where people gather and meet with family and which can be used for ceremonial purposes.
Insulated metal wall panels represent the wood used in Navajo Hogan design while concrete roof pavers incorporate traditional Navajo rug patterns. The entry courtyard is flanked by two wings of the building that are like “arms” welcoming visitors into the facility, while also blocking harsh winds from the central courtyard. Foamed-in-place insulation used with a dow thermax rigid insulation and stucco system provide a superior building envelope. Metal sunshades provide contemporary shading and a centralized round window represents the 4 cardinal directions with different colored glazing. A bow feature acts as a banner to display the buildings signage and creates a monumental entry. The top view of the site resembles a warriors bow and arrow, where the site war timeline forms the arrow that leads to the eternal flame monument east of the site.

When completed, this will be the first Veterans home constructed on Native land in the United States.

Key Staff
Jim Houser
Vanessa Garcia
Logan Piburn