Every year for Earth Day our firm makes an effort to connect with nature in one way or another. This year we thought our office could use some natural decor so we decided to celebrate with a plant potting party. Not only do plants in a workspace add to the decor but they can also help purify the air and add humidity to the surrounding area. Researchers have discovered that having plants in the workplace also increases satisfaction, concentration and comfort, what do you think? If you think about it, the biophilic design evokes a sense of being away and feeling relaxed which we all know working as Architects and Designers can get busy, so this is our way of helping us to relax while at work.

With all these designers in the office, we decided to make it fun and decorate our pots. Check out some of our masterpieces.

To end off Earth Day, we provide a variety of fruit/vegetable seeds to encourage our staff to grow at-home gardens. Protecting our natural resources for future generations is one of our main goals at DMA, and we are grateful to be able to play a little part in doing so. How do you celebrate Earth Day?