Dyron Murphy Architects (DMA) is celebrating its 19th anniversary today. The firm was founded in 2001 by Dyron V. Murphy, AIA, NCARB, James P. Houser, AIA and Greg Comer (retired), who set out to start a business that would serve Native American communities and organizations/governments. Each founder harbored a passion for designs that infused local culture with contemporary architecture principles.

Dyron always had thoughts about starting his own firm while in college and in fact, talked about having a “super-firm” with his friends as founders and owners. “Times changed, but the idea of having my own firm someday never diminished. I knew it was going to be hard work and determination, but I was ready for it. And here we are, 19 years into business, and it only seems like yesterday that we started.” Dyron M.

Dyron was able to create an atmosphere at DMA where talented individuals have a respectful sharing of ideas and creative solutions to client and industry problems. Each of our 13 employees has a commitment to providing our clients and communities with excellent service while building strong relationships and sharing our experiences by always improving and thus, delivering quality designs and services.

Over the years, DMA has had the fortunate opportunity to be involved in creating designs for facilities that include educational, healthcare, judicial, community/multi-purpose, housing, office/administration and even convenience stores/gas stations. All of these projects had a focus of supporting and developing strong communities, especially in rural areas of the Navajo Nation, and other tribal Nations.

“In the communities we serve, primarily on Native lands, many of the clients we’ve had dealt with poor building conditions, working out of substandard facilities, many not being code compliant. Native people continue to work out of 50+ year old facilities and schools. As they were able to secure funds for their facilities, these clients and communities were able to experience what “modern, yet culturally-appropriate” facilities could be all about. For many, it was the first time in their lifetime that they have experienced this. We are proud to be a part of helping them realize their goals and dreams for facilities that are long overdue.” Dyron M.

As the firm marks its 19th anniversary, we celebrate and look back on the accomplishments we have experienced, including collaborating with so many people along the way.

“The last 19 years have definitely been a roller coaster ride with its highs and its lows. I think we accomplished more than I would have imagined back in 2001 when we started with many great projects completed and hopefully more happy clients than not. The most rewarding part of the job over the years has been the clients that we got to work with and their satisfaction with the completed projects. My hope for DMA, as well as for the rest of the architectural and engineering design community, is that we can reach our clients in meaningful ways to help them better understand the climate crisis and how building design can be a part of the world’s response to the existential threat to our planet. In October 2019 DMA redoubled our efforts creating new company wide goals to make sure that we act responsibly as architects and as stewards of our home on this earth. That means that all of our designs moving forward for both new construction, and just as importantly, for renovation projects should be environmentally responsive. The time line for the needed response to the crisis is daunting, but not facing the challenge right now is going to make it many times harder for our children and grandchildren.” Jim H.