Do you ever wonder what it’s like being an architect and using one’s creativity and experience to turn a vision into a reality? Our staff have worked on multiple project types like community centers, commercial offices, hospitals/clinics, judicial centers, housing and educational facilities. Each project may have different design solutions, but what do architects find most enjoyable about the process or designs in general? It’s been a while since we spoke with staff about their projects and what they like most about working on them. So we decided to ask and share!

Nitish Suvarna, Architect/Project Manager
Nitish has been with DMA for about 12 years now and has worked on the firm’s biggest judicial and healthcare projects.

I enjoy working through the design process with owners and users. Every project has unique contexts and needs that the design responds and reacts to, shaping the architectural spaces and forms. A well thought out and environmentally responsible architectural solution ages well and serves its users well after the design and construction phase is complete. On the other hand, I also appreciate visiting projects, years after construction completion to see how well our solutions have matured and try to identify aspects that have worked well and others that could be enhanced. This circular process of creating, observing and learning is something that I have come to understand and enjoy in our profession.”

Montezuma Creek Health Center | Architect: Nitish Suvarna

Daniel Feldbusch, BIM Production
Daniel has also been with DMA for 12 years. He has diverse experience working on several types of projects in multiple locations.

“I like that each project is like a puzzle that must be solved. There are so many different pieces to the project that must come together to create a functional and beautiful facility. It’s interesting to coordinate with the entire team and how we all come together to complete a project.”

Montezuma Creek Health Center BIM Model | Modeled by Daniel Feldbusch

Vanessa Garcia, Architect/Project Manager
Vanessa has been working at DMA for 13 years and has diverse experience including higher education, k-12, office buildings and nursing homes.

“I really enjoy the design process from layout, to material selection, renderings and finally seeing it through construction to the final product.”

IAIA Multipurpose Performing Arts & Fitness Center 5

IAIA Performing Arts & Fitness Center | Architect: Vanessa Garcia

Oscar Tovar, Senior Project Manager
Oscar has been at DMA the longest aside from our founders with a total of 18 years! He works on our firm’s community centers, education and commercial projects.

“Some of my favorite design aspects on recent projects involves incorporating traditional features in a subtle way that is unique to each project. Whether it is using traditional patterns and incorporating them into the building as sunshades on the exterior elevation to be functional and decorative or flooring finish patterns in an abstract form to create a welcoming space throughout the interior. Incorporating a design concept from the beginning and seeing that idea evolve through design and construction and seeing the end result as a finished form is a great experience.”

Navajo Tribal utility Authority Headquarters | Senior Project Manager: Oscar Tovar

Emilio Hernandez, Project Coordinator
With a total of 14 years at DMA, Emilio started as an intern architect and since then has received his Master of Healthcare Design. He currently works as a project coordinator on all of our healthcare projects. His work however is not only limited to healthcare facilities.

“Designing nice skylights, ceilings with higher exposed structure and choosing the correct lighting fixtures that will have a nice appearance at night. I especially like to focus on the design of the main entrance-lobby of the buildings as it’s the first thing people see.” 

Santo Domingo Headstart

Santo Domingo Head Start | Project Coordinator: Emilio Hernandez

Logan Piburn, Project Manager
This summer will mark 14 years for Logan here at DMA! Logan works on majority of DMA’s housing projects and one of his specialties is in building code and life safety compliance.

“My favorite projects are the ones where I can follow through from inception to completion. Sometimes our work is limited to a single phase of planning, or we help each other out with various parts and pieces during the design process. It’s most satisfying to be involved from the very beginning and understand what the client wants, work through all the questions and issues towards a solution, and see it be fully realized as a completed project. It’s especially gratifying when this happens on renovations or replacements because you can see how much better things are now from the way they used to be.”

Hopi 12 Units

Hopi Housing | Project Manager: Logan Piburn