Client: Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation

Location: Tuba City, AZ

Size: 70,000 SF

The Tuba City Long Term Care Facility incorporates 92 beds and is based around a neighborhood cluster design that helps to promote social interaction and support caregiver efficiency on all 3 floors. Loop- type circulation is used, minimizing the distance from all resident rooms to each other and to support spaces, while helping to provide a sense of community and connection.  Important aspects of the design include maximizing resident capacity while maintaining private and semi private living spaces, safety and security in interior and exterior spaces through systems and design, while maintaining a hospitality- driven environment. Indoor and outdoor spaces provide a variety of resident rehabilitation spaces. Tribal design features and finishes throughout the building and site emphasize Navajo culture and tradition.

Key Staff
Jim Houser
Vanessa Garcia
Logan Piburn