Client: Socorro County / Cottonwood Valley Charter School

Location: Socorro, NM

Size: 12,000 SF

The Cottonwood Valley Charter School project consists of new classroom buildings to replace the existing modular classrooms previously located on the site. The project includes six new buildings each of which includes two classrooms, restrooms, and a tutoring room. In addition, all of the classrooms have small courtyards located outside which can be used as a teaching space.

The grades are grouped according to age with the kindergarten classes closer to the existing multipurpose room. The elementary classes (grouped by 1st – 2nd, 3rd – 4th, 5th – 6th) are further away from kindergarten and closer to the edge of campus. The new buildings will provide classrooms for grades K-8 as well as a Science Lab, SPED office, administration office and a teacher workroom.

The new classrooms are designed to create a campus feeling within the site and create a central commons area which is used for the playground as well as a new playing field. The new central area also provides space for raised planters used by the students as a learning tool for classes. This allows the teachers to conduct and extend the learning experience outside of the classroom.

The orientation of the classrooms also allows for added security to the school. Since the classrooms are all facing toward the same central area, teachers have views to the outside and can monitor the campus while conducting classes. The main entry doors to each classroom are also facing away from the central courtyard for reduced visibility and added security. All classrooms also have clerestory windows for natural day lighting.

Key Staff
Jim Houser
Oscar Tovar
Vanessa Garcia