Client: The Navajo Nation

Location: Tuba City, AZ

Size: 139,231 SF

The Tuba City Judicial Complex consists of a Courts Building, Law Enforcement Building and Adult Corrections Facility. The complex was partially funded by ARRA funds and was overseen by the Department of Justice.

As this facility was situated in the middle of Tuba City, conscious effort was made to ensure that public views and spaces were inviting, while secure spaces were relegated to back-of-house areas. Circulation patterns between the public, judges, police officers, corrections officers, staff and maintenance personnel were identified early on and implemented into the design. Adequate security measures were interwoven into the design so as not to be conspicuous, while providing the necessary level of security.

This facility is currently in operation and has received accolades from local users as well as DOJ-appointed oversight personnel. These facilities follow the direction provided in the master plan effort by the team led by DMA.

Key Staff
Dyron Murphy
Nitish Suvarna
Daniel Feldbusch
Andrea Moore
Vanessa Garcia
Logan Piburn
Emilio Hernandez