Client: Tonalea Chapter
Location: Tonalea, Arizona
Size: 6,844 SF
Spaces: Single-story, multi-purpose space, conference rooms, offices, kitchenette, library

Located in a prominent position within the Tonalea site, the Tonalea Chapter House stands as the vibrant heart and central gathering place for the Tonalea community, attracting both residents and visitors alike. This pivotal facility, with its thoughtful exterior design, seamlessly integrates with the rich cultural heritage and environmental surroundings of the chapter. By embracing a harmonious blend of modern materials and traditional architectural elements, the Tonalea Chapter House stands as a testament to the progressive spirit of the Tonalea community while honoring its roots.

Every facet of the design pays homage to the distinctive identity of the community, embracing traditional inferences and motifs that resonate with the collective memory of its residents. As you approach the entrance, you’ll notice its careful alignment towards the east, a deliberate nod to the time-honored Navajo cultural planning model, symbolically welcoming the first rays of the morning sun as it rises above the horizon.

The Tonalea Chapter House serves as a vital hub, fostering a sense of togetherness and providing a platform for the community to connect, share stories, and celebrate their heritage. With its prime location and thoughtful design choices, this remarkable structure not only serves practical purposes but also stands as a proud symbol of the Tonalea community’s enduring values and aspirations.

Key Staff

Dyron Murphy
Daniel Feldbusch
Andrea Moore