Client: Navajo Nation
Location: Thoreau, New Mexico
Size: 5,600 SF
Spaces: multi-purpose gathering space, administrative offices, kitchen, and support spaces, as well as exterior spaces and dedication plaques to Navajo veterans.

This 5,800-square-foot facility has been designed to not only accommodate the diverse needs of the Thoreau community but also serve as a place of gratitude and recognition for the brave men and women who have dedicated their lives to protecting our cherished freedoms.

The center was thoughtfully designed to foster a sense of belonging and offer solace to both Navajo and non-Navajo veterans alike. At the heart of this space lies the Hogan multi-purpose gathering area. The building also includes administrative offices, a well-equipped kitchen, support spaces, as well as exterior spaces and dedication plaques to Navajo veterans. The spaces all come together to create an environment that offers not only a comfortable and functional setting but also a nurturing haven for veterans to access vital services and resources.

Embracing the natural beauty that surrounds it, the Thoreau Veterans Center stands as a testament to the interconnectedness between architecture and nature. The stone veneer was chosen to mirror the mesas that grace the horizon, blurring the boundaries between the built environment and the landscape that surrounds it. Every step taken within the facility is a testament to the deep-rooted connection the Thoreau Chapter shares with the sacred cardinal directions, guiding visitors through floor patterns that pay homage to Navajo rug designs, infusing the space with a sense of cultural pride and reverence.

Key Staff

Dyron Murphy
Logan Piburn