Client: Teesto Chapter & Capital Projects Management Department

Location: Winslow, Arizona

Size: 9,308 SF (designed)

The chapter community center was envisioned to be a replacement for the old chapter building and post office. The Teesto chapter leaders wanted it to be a unique project that would be both modern and reflect the traditional values of the Teesto community.

The facility includes a gymnasium and recreation space, multipurpose space, and meeting rooms. The original intent was to include one big multipurpose space for meetings and recreation, however, during programming stages, the approach was modified to include a separate meeting hall and multipurpose rooms. These were separated by a central spine with the two main rooms (meeting and multipurpose) having barrel roofs defining the exterior design.

Simple, but modern materials were chosen for the exteriors and interiors with cultural cues informing the design throughout. An east entry was desired to keep with traditional values, a backdrop of the hills in the meeting room with Navajo “storm pattern”, and inspired flooring and traditional Navajo colors in the conference room carpet are a few examples of local context and tradition utilized within this design.

Key Staff
Dyron Murphy
Nitish Suvarna
Emilio Hernandez