Client: Shiprock Chapter & Capital Projects Management Department

Location: Shiprock, New Mexico

Size: +/- 25,000 SF (designed)

The Shiprock Incident Command Center is designed to house comprehensive emergency services to support the surrounding areas. Fire service, Emergency Medical Service, Police Dispatch, Emergency Operations Control facility, training rooms, offices and workstations accommodated within this facility. Fire truck and Ambulance bays are also accommodated within this facility.

Each group of occupants have distinct spaces designed for the services they provide, along with a number of collaborative spaces to allow emergency responders to come together as a team to work on resolving issues related to community safety. This strategy of housing all emergency responders within a single facility is an exciting development for the current intended users and is a welcomed addition for the local community.

This facility represents a first for the Navajo Nation, where emergency responders are housed together, helping with communications and coordination related to events that call for their services.

Key Staff
Dyron Murphy
Nitish Suvarna
Emilio Hernandez