Client: Navajo Housing Authority

Location: Shiprock, NM; Window Rock, AZ; Nazlini, AZ; Dilcon, AZ; Chinle, AZ

Size: 347,980 Total SF, 1,300 Unit Average SF

The Dyron Murphy Architects team performed a detailed assessment of 335 units originally constructed in the 1980s, presenting remediation options to the Navajo Housing Authority. At the conclusion of the assessment, NHA and the design team decided a full modernization was necessary to remediate the units. All exterior and interior finishes will be removed, down to the foundation and structural framing, and then the building will be reconstructed.

Various features incorporated into the new design include improved insulation, cement-board siding, metal shingle roofing, energy-efficient windows and doors, tube skylights and faux wood vinyl plank flooring. The site work will include new roadways, parking areas, fencing and gravel-mulch xeriscaping.

Key Staff
Dyron Murphy
Logan Piburn