Client: Institute of American Indian Arts

Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico

The project involved renovating and altering a section of the Science and Technology Building on the IAIA campus. The goal was to create new spaces that expand the Art Collections program, which is located across the corridor. The existing computer, conservation, and chemistry laboratories were renovated to accommodate this expansion. New spaces, such as a Collection Classroom, Archive/Art Storage, and Archives Classroom, were added. These flexible spaces serve multiple purposes.

Additionally, office space and a copy/work room were modified to create a conference room that can also function as a small classroom. Another office was transformed into a Reading Room, providing acoustical treatments for dedicated audio/video recordings. Finally, the lobby area near one of the main building entrances was renovated to include an employee lounge that can also serve as a seating and gathering space during special events, including a designated area for food service.

Key Staff

Oscar Tovar

Dyron Murphy