Client: The Institute of American Indian Arts

Location: Santa Fe, NM

Size: 27,000 SF

The Center for Lifelong Education Conference Center was a design-build project with Dyron Murphy Architects, P.C. and IKBI/Martin Joint Venture, LLC. The Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) campus demonstrates the origin of the philosophy of connectedness to the Earth, with the dance circle as the center of its physical world. Radiating out from the dance circle and aligned along a path defined by the winter solstice, are places for learning, growth, discovery and living. The development of the Center for Lifelong Education becomes an evolutionary part of this radiating growth by taking its place in the zone between education and living spaces to create a transition space for gathering, learning, sharing, health and community living.

The project is LEED™ Gold certified, and incorporates sustainable building systems and materials within the design. The primary design theme involves the placement of buildings in relation to environmental factors: solar, lunar, soils, wind, views, and relationship to existing buildings and infrastructure.

Key Staff
Dyron Murphy
Oscar Tovar
Vanessa Garcia