Client: Gadii’ahi/To’Koi Chapter & Capital Projects Management Department

Location: Gadii’ahi Chapter, Arizona

Size: 20 Acre Master Plan

High desert vegetation dots 20 acres of pristine open space – the future site of the Gadii’ahi/To’Koi community governance center and the Gadii’ahi/To’Koi chapter building. The site offers unobstructed views of Shiprock to the south, as well as views to the Ute and Hesperus Mountains to the northeast.

The master plan, which includes a chapter community center, senior center, veteran’s center, conference center, community market, garden and plazas, is designed to be secure while providing outdoor spaces that can be used by all tribal members and visitors.

The first phase of the master planned site will include a 5,000 SF Community Center and a 3,000 SF Senior Citizen Center. The community center, located at the center of the site, will be a focal point for visitors and a “hub” for the community.

Key Staff
Dyron Murphy
Nitish Suvarna
Emilio Hernandez