Client: City of Albuquerque
Location: Albuquerque, NM
Size: 1,700 SF
Spaces: alteration and renovation of existing spaces including the existing Mayor’s conference room, press room, office spaces and lounge area.

The level 11 project, undertaken with great care and attention to detail, aimed to revamp and rejuvenate existing spaces to improve their functionality and to create a more inviting and productive environment. A feasibility study was conducted, and the resulting insights were used to determine the best course of action for the alteration and renovation of the existing Mayor’s conference room and press room. The project was driven by a desire to create spaces that would inspire and foster creativity, collaboration, and productivity.

The Mayor’s conference room, a vital space for official meetings, was expanded to allow for more occupants and a better flow of activity. The layout of the room was carefully considered to ensure better visibility of the display area and to create clearly defined areas for meetings, displays, and circulation. In addition, the conference room was designed to seamlessly connect with the adjacent press room, allowing for easy access and maximum flexibility.

The press room, too, received a much-needed makeover, becoming a flexible and multifunctional space that can be used as a conference room when required. The design of the press room was carefully considered, ensuring that it is an adaptable and welcoming space that can accommodate a variety of uses.

As part of the project, an existing lounge room was also given a facelift, becoming a more efficient and comfortable space for employees. A private office, off the main corridor, was also added to provide a quiet and private space for important meetings and discussions.

Overall, the project sought to create spaces that were more functional, flexible, and inviting. By carefully considering the needs and desires of the employees who would be using the spaces, the project team was able to create spaces that were not just aesthetically pleasing, but also practical, efficient, and effective.

Key Staff
Oscar Tovar
Perla Palomino