Building Information Modeling

Our process includes:

Coordination of the BIM model with the entire design team of consultants as well as contractors and subcontractors, including implementation of clash detection procedures;

Early development of three-dimensional views for owner visualization, including application of proactive measures to clearly respond to owners’ needs;

Virtual construction shop drawing submittals and reviews;

Provision of virtual model to aid owners with facility maintenance and operations

Dyron Murphy Architects has been a pioneer in implementing and providing BIM services to our clients. We are highly adept at working with clients to implement BIM technology on a CAD budget, and can work with you to utilize BIM, as needed, for your project.

The capability to model a project virtually and detect conflicts / clashes between systems and components early in the design process with BIM allows us to avoid potential errors prior to the start of construction. This systems allows multiple disciplines to coordinate much more efficiently, saving our clients time and money.

Our substantial experience with BIM allows our team to provide our clients with BIM design and drawing technology within the same budget as a CADD project. We can also efficiently and accurately convert BIM construction documents to CADD format, if necessary, at any stage during the BIM process. In the past, some clients have requested CADD files in lieu of Revit files, for their records, which we are pleased to comply with. Alternatively, DMA can assist clients in obtaining free Revit viewing software (downloadable) for their use during the design and construction process, if they so wish.

Lumion Modeling

In addition to providing full services for the technical documentation of a project in Revit, our team offers visual development of a project model with Lumion. By importing a Revit model into Lumion, we can create fully optimized videos and images that bring a project to life in a way that would normally require the assistance of a team of outsourced specialists. With Lumion, we are able to add people, landscaping, lighting and objects into a video to create an immersive atmosphere that can be used in a multitude of ways – from communicating design intent to fundraising.

DMA used Lumion to develop a custom project video to support fundraising efforts for the new Institute of American Arts Multipurpose Performing Arts and Fitness Center. Check out the video here.