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Housing Portfolio

DMA has had the honor of working with several housing entities across the country, including the Hopi Tribal Housing Authority, Navajo Housing Authority, Ak-Chin Indian Community Housing Authority, Zuni Tribal Housing Authority, Jicarilla Apache Housing Authority, Tulalip Tribes Housing Department, Skokomish Tribal Housing Department, and the Bee Hoogan Shelter Foundation Inc.

The key to our success in providing high-quality homes, whether they are single or multi-family houses, dormitories, or apartments, is “people-focused architecture.” Our home designs are developed with future residents in mind. For us, creating a house is both a logistical and innately human process.

We take into account requirements for space, essential living requirements, and basic functionality as we design. What differentiates our staff is their ability to see beyond the basic architectural and engineering services that our clients need, and to provide for “the human factor.” We cannot build homes. But we can build comfortable, healthy houses that your community members can turn into homes. When residents don’t have to worry about the architectural design and integrity of their houses, they can spend more time and energy enjoying the things that make that house a home – like family, home cooked meals, and the memories created between the walls.


Ak-Chin Indian Community Housing

Hopi Tribal Housing Authority (12 Units)

Hopi Tribal Housing Authority (27 Unit Rehabilitation)

Hopi Tribal Housing Authority (19 Scattered Sites, Single Family Units)

Navajo Housing Authority 335 Unit Modernization

Navajo Housing Authority Major Repairs

Navajo Housing Authority Modernization (#285)

Navajo Housing Authority Modernization and Repairs

Navajo Housing Authority 90 Unit Modernization

Navajo Housing Authority 142 Units

Navajo Tribal Utility Authority Housing Concepts

Tulalip Tribes Housing (25 Units)

Tulalip Tribes Housing (66 Units)

Zuni Bluebird Housing (20 Units & Master Plan)

Kaibeto Redevelopment

First Mesa Elementary School Staff Quarters

Acoma Housing Feasibility Study

U.S. Department of Labor Job Corps Dormitory

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