Blanding Health Center Porte Cochere
Montezuma Creek Health Center
Nahata Dziil Health Center
Nahata Dziil Health Center
Santo Domingo Health Center
Tuba City Long Term Care


As a 100% Native American-owned design firm, Dyron Murphy Architects, P.C. (DMA) offers over 30+ years of experience working with IHS and tribal healthcare organizations across the United States to deliver appropriate outpatient facilities supporting a variety of healthcare delivery models.

Our team places a strong emphasis on ease of access to health services in each of our designs. In order to design highly functional, integrative and comfortable healthcare facilities, we take steps from the patients’ and healthcare providers’ perspectives. This provides us with a comprehensive understanding of what patients require in terms of care and timely receipt of services, as well as what providers require to quickly and efficiently navigate their daily responsibilities.

We work closely with healthcare providers to understand exactly how they serve their patients. Following current trends in healthcare design, we design to support the shift in bringing services to the patient whenever possible. Our team carefully programs and organizes spaces to maximize efficiency – from patient care to records storage.

Working in both urban and remote regions around the country, our team brings a comprehensive understanding of healthcare projects, from small clinics and long term care facilities to large hospitals and emergency medical services facilities. Focusing on the character of the community, we carefully select regionally appropriate materials and forms to support patient and visitor mental, emotional, and physical well-being.


UNHS Montezuma Creek Health Center

UNHS Blanding Health Center

Nahata Dziil Health Center

To’Hajiilee EMS

Santo Domingo Healthcare Center

Chinle Warriors Home

Chinle Nursing Home

Tuba City Long Term Care

Lawton Indian Hospital

Laguna Dental Clinic

Farmington Public Health Office

San Carlos Apache Rural Medical Center

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