Cottonwood Valley Charter School
Cottonwood Valley Charter School
Concho Head Start
IAIA Multipurpose Performing Arts & Fitness Center Gym
Baca Dlo'ay Azhi Community School
Thoreau Middle School


PK-12 education
The classroom paradigm is quickly shifting, no longer catering to the passive “student” but instead engaging the active “learner.” This evolution of learning models encourages learners to take a role in their education, immersing them in activities that inspire them to ask questions and work through problems. STEM and STEAM education models emphasize this new learning style, blending sciences, technology, engineering, math, and even art to create integrative learning experiences.

Our team provides architecture that supports the transition from “student” to “learner.” We approach school design as an opportunity to create interactive learning spaces, using the architecture as a tool for teaching. Incorporating signage on sustainable initiatives, landscaping with native plants, and specialized spaces allows young minds to engage in their surroundings, ask questions, and empower their personal learning experience.


Higher education
Working within the fabric of college and university campuses is complex, and requires an understanding of trends in higher education as well as current use of existing space. Our team is highly adept at working with our academic clients to translate their needs into comprehensive master plans, simple or complex renovations, and innovative new facilities. We have worked with top-tier research institutions as well as community colleges and fine arts schools to develop exceptional facilities that advance their academic missions.

From specialized laboratory environments to exemplary welcome facilities, conference centers to dormitories, multipurpose gymnasiums and theaters to traditional classrooms, our team is well versed in navigating an array of project types and ensuring the final facility keeps with current trends, and is readily adaptable to future needs.

Our designs account for small and large group learning, spontaneous student interaction, and private study areas by providing flexible classrooms and connective spaces. We carefully evaluate the needs of students, staff, and administration to provide our clients with exceptional designs.



Cottonwood Valley Charter School

Rough Rock Community School Master Plan
Rough Rock Community School K-8 Academic Building
Rough Rock Community School 1-8 Student Living and Learning Center
Rough Rock Community School 9-12 Student Living and Learning Center

Baca Dlo’ay Azhi Community School

First Mesa Elementary School

Highland Elementary School Building Systems Analysis Report

Jal Public Schools, Jal Press Box

Gallup McKinley County Schools Thoreau Middle School

Tohatchi Elementary School

Hagerman Municipal Schools Re-Roofing Projects

Texico Municipal Schools Re-Roofing Projects

Albuquerque Public Schools Montezuma Elementary School Classroom Addition
Albuquerque Public Schools Sombra del Monte Elementary School Renovation
Albuquerque Public Schools Manzano High School Re-Roof

Sherman Indian High School FI&R

Riverside Indian School

Ch’ooshgai Community School

Navajo Middle School

Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA)  Master Plan
IAIA Multipurpose Performing Arts & Fitness Center
IAIA Lloyd Kiva New Welcome Center
IAIA Center for Lifelong Education
IAIA Science & Technology Building
IAIA Sculpture & Foundry Building

Dine College Archival Center
Dine College Master Plan

Haskell Indian Nations University Master Plan

United Tribes Technical College Master Plan

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