NTUA Headquarters
Navajo Nation Division of Transportation
CNM Ted Chavez Hall
CNM Oxford House
IAIA Lloyd Kiva New Welcome Center

Commercial Portfolio


Our team actively follows trends in commercial facility design, and readily discusses options for new or renovation projects with our clients. By understanding the impact of technology and connectivity on contemporary design, we are able to accurately address our clients’ needs.

Collaborative, open office designs are popular, but may not often be the right fit for every client. We discuss options for open space, meeting rooms, private niches, and enclosed offices to determine the right mix for our clients.

We approach each commercial project with the idea that one size does not fit all. Working closely with our clients, we carefully program and design based on job function and the amount of time spent at each space. This approach results in highly-functional facilities that encourage productivity, efficiency, and comfort.


Navajo Tribal Utility Authority Headquarters 

Navajo Nation Division of Transportation Office Complex

CNM STEM Office (Oxford House Renovation)

CNM Ted Chavez Hall Renovation

Institute of American Indian Arts Lloyd Kiva New Welcome Center

Navajo Nation Oil and Gas Office Renovation

Northern Arapaho Social Services Building

Montbel and Jefferson Office Renovations

Five Sandoval Tribal Administration Building

Desert Meadows Convenience Store

Twin Arrows Convenience Store (conceptual design)

Tiis Tsoh Mini Mart

Acoma Travel Center

Peridot Travel Center

Sawmill Retail Center

White Cone Gas Station




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