Project Description


Client: The Institute of American Indian Arts

Location: Santa Fe, NM

Size: 14,556 SF

The Lloyd Kiva New Welcome Center brings together administrative offices, public art space and a gallery. The design blends with the existing architecture of the IAIA campus, while making a statement that reflects the artistic values of the Institute. 

In order to meet this challenge, DMA selected textured materials such as exposed concrete, steel and perforated metal to create a statement design unique to the IAIA campus. The interior of the building was designed to act as a canvas for showcasing artwork, with interior spaces and display areas that work cohesively, allowing the artwork to be the main focus.

The welcome center was designed to meet LEED Gold certification and Energy Star certifications, to demonstrate IAIA’s commitment to sustainable design, but was not certified at the request of the client.

Key Staff
Dyron Murphy
Oscar Tovar
Vanessa Garcia
Logan Piburn
Emilio Hernandez