Associate of Applied Science, Architectural/Engineering Drafting

Chelsea Shendo

Administrative Assistant

Coming from an indigenous background, it is great to be working back at Dyron Murphy Architects. My passion for architecture and design started in middle school. Throughout high school, my passion grew stronger. I started to create designs for community members and listened to their desires for a sustainable community. Being that I was only in high school, my drawings and ideas were all I could offer. In 2015, I received my Associates of Applied Science degree in Architectural/Engineering Drafting Technology.

Working at DMA, I hope to expand my knowledge on sustainable designs for housing, schools, healthcare centers as well as wellness centers to create a growing community for indigenous youth. What I like about DMA is their community involvement throughout their design process. It is important clients know their voice is heard. There’s so much more to learn in an architectural firm/field. I am just getting started and plan to do so much for our indigenous communities.